Hate To Kick A Company When It’s Down…

Sony’s worldwide studios president Phil Harrison recently revealed that more than 100 Playstation 3 games are currently in development. A list compiled on Wikipedia confirms, with sources, that more than 150 Wii games have been announced and are in development. This does not even include games that are in development but haven’t been announced! Both large companies, like Konami and Namco, and smaller developers, like Crossbeam Studios, are supporting the Wii.

Nintendo could probably support a console with first party titles alone, but who would really want that? Third party games made the Super Nintendo great, they have made the PS2 by far the most popular home console out of the three major offerings, and it looks like they will be the backbone of the Wii as well. Many third party developers, not just Ubisoft, are excited at what the Wii has to offer the gaming community. As the excitement builds for Wii, more publishers and developers are realizing what Infendo readers have known for a long time- Nintendo knows how to make a great video game console.

[Thanks MisterInvisible]