Harvard says video games don’t create violent children

Harvard SweatshirtA Harvard study of 1200 children concluded that video games don’t cause children to become violent.

They discovered that children who played violent video games ”“ those rated Mature or above ”“ were just relieving stress. Some children did exhibit some playful fighting after playing games, but this was similar to what children have always done after watching action or Karate-type movies.

The most surprising find, though, was that boys that don’t play any video games at all are now considered to be socially inept.

A danger sign for boys is “not playing video games at all, because it looks like for this generation, video games are a measure of social competence.”

After four hours of playing GTA4 last night, I considered ramming my car into a double-parked car while commuting to work this morning to teach the idiot a lesson. Coincidence? Apparently. In all seriousness, do you think the Harvard researchers’ findings are a surprise?

[Thanks, Jeff. Source.]