Happy Nintendo Holidays!

Although to me this Christmas has more than any previous year seemed like just another day, there’s no way to shake the warm feeling that comes with waking up knowing that I have no work to do, putting on my pajamas, and flipping open the DS. Who is going to play what this Christmas morning? Expecting anything special from Santa Mario?


  1. I MAY get a DS for Christmas tomorrow morning. Here’s hoping…

  2. I know for certain I got Mario & Luigi: PiT, and that’s because I was working at the store that my Mom bought it from.

  3. I already got my present. Got my brother a Mario Kart DS bundle and watched him open it with a Neil Gaiman card. I’ve won for years to come.

  4. …i need my router to work….crashes my dam computer everytime…piece of crap…other then that…no. No presents for me…why? $80 router, 50 game, no AC at EBgames :'(

    life sucks….

  5. My twin sisters are both getting their own DS each with a copy of Mario Kart and Nintendogs. I am so excited to play with them I honestly don’t care what I get!

  6. “to me this Christmas has more than any previous year seemed like just another day”

    Same here, bro. But at least i got some action tonight. I’m good. Happy Festivus.

  7. This is the first christmas ever that HAS meant alot to me since I was a child, I have a neice and nephew of whom will be opening presents tomorrow.

    Christmas is just like every other day of the year as an adult, except that it leaves your wallet lonely. What is it for a child? It is the one day of the year that you anticipate more than anything (including your birthday)

    Just remember the christmas of years past, maybe you got your own Nintendo console… or a game that you opened early and played with the neighbourhood kids (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE… alright fine you ADMITTED it lol, great read though ^^)

    My blog (later today) will note the key points of my haul, aswell as the key gifts I gave out (the really important ones), aswell as a few notes on christmases past.

    Sorry for the off topic-ness, but I feel it needs to be said ^^

  8. i’m 24 and my brother got me a DS for christmas. I nearly wet my pants when I opened it!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!

  9. A very Nintendo Christmas for me!!!

    A new GCN
    Pokemon XD
    Animal Crossing: WW
    Gunstar Super Heroes
    Phoniex Wright
    Tony Hawk DS
    The Sims 2


  10. Can someone please add me in MKDS? It’ll be your christmas present to me!

    Oh, and for christmas, I got a lot of money! ^^

  11. Forgot my friend code! *slaps forehead*


  12. I got a ds with Mario & Luigi: PiT, mario kart, mario 64, and my brother got zoo tycoon.

    its aboult time i finaly got a ds

  13. “to me this Christmas has more than any previous year seemed like just another day”

    Yup. This guy above me has all the games I have for ds (if you add Metroid Prime Hunters and Nintendogs)

    I got a old classice for GNC (they have them already) and the Uber Sin City DVD set.

    My USB wifi thingy is in the mail so I have more to look forward to.

    Next game to get on my list is AC:WW, or Metroid Pin Ball. I don’t have a DS game that I can just pick up and have fun yet.

  14. What’s Happy Nintendo Holidays all about? Is it good or is it whack?

  15. Its good.

  16. I got my sister the Nintendo DS / Mario Kart bundle for Christmas, and so for much of the day we were playing some local multiplayer racing and balloon action!

  17. I’m gonna vent real fast to Mario Cluase.

    I’ve been playing Mario and Luigi :PiT today at work for the last 4 hours.

    I left my DS charger at home and halfway trough the first Princess Shroob boss the red light came on. After I defeated the Second Princess Shroob form and was half way trough the 3rd my batteries died.

    Christmas just got really grimm 🙁

  18. Hey, I’m the first Anon who said they MIGHT get a DS for Christmas… and I did! I got Mario Kart with it too, so add me: 498278-025447 (Grant)

    P.S. Is there a way to access the infendo posts from before the URL changed? When I try to go to the old URL it automatically takes me to the new one, and the new one only has posts from the last few weeks. I want to add the Friend Codes from the post the day Mario Kart DS came out….

  19. Archives, my friend. Archives.

  20. Daigasso! Brothers with expansion pack! Thanks to The Sibs! I also brought POP: The Two Thrones for GCN with some Xmas $$ I received!

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