Happy belated birthday, Shigeru Miyamoto!

Miyamoto birthdayThe Nintendo Trinity just took the top three spots on Game Rankings? I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Shigeru Miyamoto’s birthday than that.

On Friday, the master of all things Nintendo turned 55. More than half a century old, and he’s still pumping out masterclass games and influencing a billion dollar industry? Pretty amazing.

We wish him well, and we hope for many more years of Nintendo innovation to come!

8 Responses to Happy belated birthday, Shigeru Miyamoto!

  1. Brian says:

    Many thanks and best wishes! Keep the good times coming!

  2. Jerod says:

    The world would be a much duller place if it wasn’t for Miyamoto! Happy birthday Shiggy!

  3. wii wii says:

    Happy B-day to the G O D of making fun games !!!!

    The best.
    Bar None !

  4. Miyomata says:

    I just want to go wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! Happy B-day Mr Moto!!!

  5. Kale says:

    Have you guys seen the ending of Galaxy? OMFG It’s simply breath-taking…. I almost cried…. just plain beautiful….

  6. rokerovakero says:

    The greatest gamer ever. here’s to the next 55! cheers!

  7. droop4 says:

    55 and Still going strong. Definitively the most important figure in the video game industry!!!

    Happy B-day, Miyamoto

  8. Disco says:

    Happy B-day Shiggy San!!

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