Greenpeace won’t hug Nintendo’s tree

GreenpeaceGreenpeace’s latest electronics Guide to Greener Electronics environmental impact report is out and for the first year ever Nintendo is on the list! The billion dollar video game behemoth made quite the impression during its rookie season too, but I’ll let Greenpeace explain:

Nintendo – New to the guide – first global brand to score zero across all criteria!

Just to be clear, a zero in this case is, in a word, bad. Microsoft, Nintendo, Philips and Sharp were all at the bottom of the ranking of environmental performance with “Nintendo being the first company scoring zero out of a possible 10 points,” Greenpeace said. Microsoft scored a 2.7 and Sony secured the third position overall. Good for them.

Poo poo on Nintendo for this, but I think that huge pile of money they’re sitting on right now might overrule a report from Greenpeace.