Grasshopper Making Revolution Title

Japan’s latest Famitsu Weekly showcased another developer roundtable for the Revolution controller. In it, Killer 7 producer, Gouichi Suda (or Suda 51) confirmed that his Grasshopper team is finalizing plans for an original Revolution exclusive. He didn’t spill any beans, but did say that it would be very extreme. It was also reported that “the game will focus heavily on direct input through the controller, and will exceed Killer 7.”

First Hideo Kojima, now madman Suda 51 is making an original next-gen title exclusive to the Revolution. Nice.

[by Rollin, Source: IGN]


  1. Freaking awesome.

  2. Open the gates! : )

  3. Really, really stoked about this. Killer 7 was an excellent title.

  4. killer 7 rulez…………..


  5. It’s nice to see the Nintendo NDA(No Discloser Agreement) is still alive and well. lol

    December better be a good month for a Revolution….At lease a shell and demos.. The Shell more important because that is what third parties are waiting for(THQ)…

  6. Tech specs are way more important. Most developers are just afraid the Rev won’t perform as well as 360. But from what we do know, Rev is based on PowerPC architecure just like the 360 and allegedly has a single core compared to 360’s 3 cores. Although, MS recently sed that all their launch titles only use one core, meaning that ports to Rev will be that much easier. Even when they move up to 2 and 3 core usage, Rev ports can be easy. This is just conjecture, idaknow what i’m talking about with all this tech. But it makes sense, no? 🙂

  7. Revolution will simply not be as powerful as the 360. Nintendo’s said it over and over again and no one wants to believe it but it’s just the case. It’s not that important for Nintendo to have the best graphics. Just look at the DS… They decided to compete with the PSP with hardware that’s a full generation behind it. But of course it has much better games, which is what it’s really all about. I think we can expect similar from the Rev (not a full generation of course, but you get my drift.)

  8. Seeing as how the Revolution graphics are gonna run at 420p at most (at least last I read officially, maybe that’ll change) then there’s a lot more power to use on graphics than if it had to pump higher resolutions (which is why when the 3 cores for the 360 were announced they mentioned how 1 would usually be used to power the higher resolutions so as not to slowdown).
    So I’m sure graphics will be quite similar at least at the regular resolutions, besides, HDTV or higher res TVs has yet to really catch on, especially outside of the US.

    Back on topic, I wonder what they mean by extreme? Extremely violent, extremely crazy, or X-Treme? I hope that before year’s end we can at least ge t a glimpse of what they’re up to.

  9. In case u were referring to my comment Albo, i wasn’t implying Revolution would be more powerful than 360. I’m just saying Rev will be closer to it than they assume, making ports easier. No one’s saying they’re gonna be equal.

    Extremely violent and crazy.

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