Zelda theme song soothes the soul

Our corporate gaming overlords over at IGN have published a top ten list of RPG theme songs, and The Legend of Zelda has taken the top spot.

“Though not considered to be a traditional turn-based RPG, Zelda fans none-the-less are rabidly crazy about the “Zelda” title track, which has been ingrained in our childhood memories ever since its emergence back in 1987. Composed by musical genius Koji Kondo, the song reminds us that Hyrule is a place of beauty, danger, and a bit of mystery.”

Good old Link, still kicking it old school after all these years. Must be that whistle. Also of note are Chrono Trigger (3rd) and Secret of Mana (7th), which were both solid RPG titles for the SNES. Check out the rest of the list and see if you’d add any other Nintendo titles.