Grand Slam Tennis producer gushes over Wii MotionPlus

grand_slam_tennisNintendo’s first attempt at ushering in a new world of motion-controlled gaming was spearheaded by a sports title, Wii Sports, so I suppose it’s only fitting that round two, MotionPlus, will receive similar treatment. Funny thing is, it’s not going to be Nintendo that’s pushing the new peripheral into people’s homes. At least, not at first.

Instead, the mantle has fallen on EA, as we’ve detailed already with Tiger Woods 10. More recently, as in today, EA was again spreading the word about MotionPlus, this time in regard to Grand Slam Tennis.

“Wii MotionPlus is something that will appeal to the masses because it is innovative technology that takes the Wii experience to new heights. People don’t need to know how to play video games,” said Grand Slam producer Thomas Singleton. “They just need to know how to perform real-life sports motions to enjoy the Grand Slam Tennis experience.”

Let’s be cautious though, as EA (and Nintendo) have a lot invested in this little piece of white plastic. They want (Nintendo) and need (EA) for this tech to succeed. The previews look sharp, however, and we’ll know for sure this June. And with Wii Sports Resort set to drop in July, this could very well be Nintendo (and EA’s) summer to lose.