George Harrison officially calling it quits

George leavesOh noes! Nintendo’s bubble has surely burst this time! Marketing guru George Harrison is officially leaving the company in December!

Oh wait, he’s just a human being like the rest of us and doesn’t want to pick up and relocate with the company when it moves to San Francisco and New York City. Nintendo is fine, and crazy ineffective Mountain Dew marketing campaigns are not necessary to boost its street cred during this, its darkest hour. Whew!

Harrison, to Reuters:

“I have confirmed to all employees that I will be leaving at the end of December and not making the move to California.”

Harrison did not disclose what his future plans are. He joined Nintendo of America in 1992, following the introduction of the hugely popular SNES, which made its debut in North America in August of 1991. Harrison has played a key role in business development related to every major Nintendo platform since that time.

It’s bittersweet for Harrison, I’m sure. He’s been there forever, but when he leaves he’ll still have about a bazillion shares of Nintendo that were probably given to him at an option price of ten cents. Tough life.