Gaming Rants

Though I normally buy games online, every now and then I’ll peruse the local mall and drop in EB Games for a rare deal. This weekend, that deal was the classic, but not so good Zelda II for the GBA. It was a cool $8. I swiped it up and took it to the counter.

Being that the game was used, the clerk tried to sell me $1 dollar insurance on the game. What? I asked, “Does the game work now?” to which he replied “yes.” So I was content not to buy the insurance. But if I ever dropped it and it stopped working, they would “replace the game.” Has that guy ever played a GBA? You could throw a GBA cart across the room and it would still work. Why would I buy $1 insurance on the thing?

So the rant is how EB and gaming companies are starting to milk as much as money as they can out of the cash cow that is video games. And though I hate to say it, Nintendo, outside of innovation, is guilty as well. What are some of your biggest pet peeves with the video game industry?