GameStop – Wii Play no longer available for online pre-order

A friend of Infendo tipster Jermy tried to pre-order a copy of Wii Play the other day, but was told some questionable info by a GameStop employee:

“Nintendo is no longer allowed to sell Wii-motes because they are being sued. He claimed that Wii Play had been removed from his POS system and they have removed it from their website. I saw Wii Play available to be pre-ordered on their site just a little over a week ago and now its gone.”

I checked the GameStop/EB website and couldn’t find Wii Play anywhere. Nintendo’s site still lists the game on their main page, including a free Wii Remote. So why is GameStop no longer offering the title? A quick call to someone at their website’s toll-free number gave me an answer: “The title is no longer on the site because pre-orders are sold out.”

Is anyone else running into a problem pre-ordering Wii Play?