GameStop sez: "Hey! There’s a GameCube in my Wii!"

There’s a GameCube in your Wii too, Infendo. Give it some love.

It’s now late for most, but for those belated Xmas/b-day giftees, religious agnostics or atheists, abstract theologians, Christmas non-celebrators or gamers who straight up spoil themselves any day of the year, GameStop is having a sale – now through Jan. 2nd – on some very worthwhile GameCube games.

Quirky “drummer” DK Jungle Beat comes with 2 sets of bongo controllers and shares a $10 price tag with Battalion Wars, Chibi-Robo, Custom Robo, Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, and Geist. All 3rd party Cube exclusives and all worthy of 10 bucks. Perhaps even Geist.

For that price, you could buy 5 solid-to-great games for the price of 1 Wii game, filling the gaps of some of the admittedly meat-lacking, minigame-centric Wii software while giving you the essence of what the GameCube accomplished in its sequestered niche.

[via GoNintendo]