GameStop lists WiiFit at $69.99

WiiFitGameStop spammed my Gmail box this morning, but for once I decided to read what the worst game store ever* had to offer (but raise your hand if you shop there anyway!). Editor’s note: When you click the WiiFit link to see more info, it brings you to what is basically a 404 page.

I’m glad I did. In the upcoming release sidebar, they had WiiFit listed for a modest $69.99. Not bad, considering who this title is aimed at, and with the look of WiiFit, I’m pretty sure the majority of the price goes toward the board and not the game — just like WiiSports and the Wii.

On a related note, I’m almost certain that Nintendo has a package deal in mind for when this thing launches later this year in Japan (in 2008 in the States). A little bird told me that Nintendo might drop the price of the system at that time and sell the WiiFit/Wii console package for $250. Or not, because I never said I was an expert, just a lowly Nintendo fanman who is genuinely exicted about leaning left and right in my living room. And I certainly can’t talk to birds. Talking birds?! That’s as crazy as a man who grows and shrinks because of mushrooms

* Dear GameStop: Maybe you shouldn’t have made me wait 30 mins in line to buy Final Fantasy Advance. Love, Jackers