Games of October

Not only is October good for post-season baseball, but there are a slew of new Nintendo games out this month on all three systems. The fine folks at 4CR have put together a comprehensive list of games for the GC, DS, and GBA, namely Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GC), Castlevania (DS), and Gunstar Superheroes (GBA). But there’s a lot more where those came from…

Which are you most pumped about?

[Source: 4CR]


  1. I was looking foward to Mario Tennis Advance (Power Tour) but IGN and Gamespot have dates ranging from early october to early december. What gives?

  2. Oh man…my wallet is already going to start feeling the pinch. I think for these games shown I’m going to have to wait for reviews. Metroid Prime Pineball I’m probably going to get my girlfriend regardless I think. Trauma Center, Castlevania and Ace Wright are all looking mighty tempting though. I’m going to wait for reviews for the most part I think.

  3. I don’t have a NDS (yet!) but I’m extemely excited for Castlevania, Trauma Center and Ace Wright! I’m interested in gunstar heroes and scurge, but not as much. I’ve been dissapointed in the reviews the latest batch of DS games have received (Lunar, Lost in Blue, and Trace Memory) I hope Oct. fares better!

  4. Castlevania and Ace Wright………..mmmm….tasty 😛

  5. I am waiting for some November releases (in Au). The Micro’s coming out on the 2nd, Mario DDR on the 24th, and Mario Kart DS is sometime in the month :P.

  6. Fire Emblem on a console system, can my life get any better?

  7. Wow Fire Emblem looks freaking amazing… I LOVE MY GAMECUBE!!!

  8. I might get Castlevania which is already out over here, but it’s not really my cup of tea (playing Meteos and AW:DS atm and OMG great games).
    The most interesting games are Zoo Tycoon and Shogun, just because I want to know how those games play on the DS. Cause if those work….hmmm…..Civ DS anyone ?

  9. The 2 biggest games on that list are Vania and Gunstar Super Heroes, no doubt. I personally know ppl who are amped for it and all the sites r abuzz. I know i’m getting it for damn sure– i got a Micro for it! If anything it’ll get solid sales from all the old school fans waiting on it, and all signs point to it being the most impressive GBA game to date. Castlevania is just so tried and true that pretty much everyone will get a copy. You can always trust it and this one is prob gonna be the best ever.

    The only other game there that has my attention is Scurge. Word has it that it’s “inspired” by Metroid, but that it’s not a bad thing and the game’s actually good. Anything to play on my Micro!

    [And Mario Tennis is looking like December:( ]

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