GameHelix: Revolution Gets May Launch

[Update: Confirmed as a hoax. We should have held off on this one.]

GameHelix, a video game news toolbar available for download is stating they’re received exclusive information directly from Nintendo regarding the Revolution’s launch. They claim it will drop next May, worldwide and will include “one last secret” that “will be shown to the world at E3” this apparently quoted by NOA’s Reggie Fils-Aime. He was also quoted as saying that everyone will then “understand the reason behind the controller’s design and its capabilities.”

Fact or Fiction? We’re going with fiction on this one for the following reasons.

  • GameHelix is in need of marketing to encourage gamers to download it’s toolbar. This should do it. Last line in the release: “If you don’t have the GAMEHELIX toolbar chances are [you] have no clue about this information.”
  • Sounds doubtful that they would be the only ones to get an “exclusive interview.”

Only Nintendo can stop the speculation, that while fun, is getting a bit old. But hey, what would Infendo be without a little speculation and who knows, maybe this could be legit? Until confirmed from a more reliable source though, take it with a ginormous grain of salt.

[Source: Definitive Revolution]


  1. It seems pretty obvious to me that Rev’s “coming out party” will be E3 2006 – for launch later in the year. Most likely Aug/Sept for Rev’s world debut and, possibly, Oct/Nov for other major territories.

  2. I wonder how many more hoaxes we’ll get before the year is out. XD

  3. The only thing that seems to be true is the fact that there may be a few surprises waiting before launch (I can’t remember but I believe some of the higher ups at Nintendo were quoted saying these things after TGS, I believe Kotaku posted about it.) Whether the surprise will be truly shocking or just an “oh that’s nice” piece of news, we’ll just have to stay skeptics, if we don’t expect anything, maybe we’ll get surprised once again instead of waiting in anticipation and getting nothing.

  4. I don’t think ginormous is a hugegantic enough dose of salt.

    I’m sure they’ll peel another layer off by year’s end. Before 360 to “steal the hype” like the wishful thinkers want, i doubt. Anything they show by 360’s release probably won’t be that huge and can’t take away from 360 sales much anyway.

  5. Game Helix was started and is run by seriousgamer007. This = FAKE.

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