GameCube versus Xbox 360 Power Supply

One word: massive. “Would you like a game console along with that power supply?”

[Source: Game Chair]


  1. As a former owner of a 360 (Dont ask my opinion, or why I would scar myself for life using that retched device, my blog goes in depth at that venture) I can honestly say you have seen NOTHING yet, I had to have my cousin (injury, little right arm use) rebuild my shelf just to HOUSE the 360, the thing is honestly as tall as my computer but with the powersupply kept outside of it (oh, and the hard drive… and the cooling obviously since they are overheating…)

    Biggest Power Supply Ever! Not really, I remember the old Tandy laptop power supplies but still ^^

  2. Is that 360 power supply trying to eat the GameCube?

  3. Run GameCube!! Run!!!
    Save yourself!!!

    Oh the Humanity.. err… umm.. Gameconsoleity. yeah.

  4. I’ll bet that power supply can double as a nifty heater in the coming cold winter months…

    (Although maybe a B&D heater would be smaller…)

  5. Mr. President, we found the WMD.

  6. Microsoft must think my electric bill is too cheap. I want to know the wattage used in a simulation compared to the rev when it comes out.

    360 already cost too much, but heck, I turn all my lights off like a good boy and turn off the AC if I’m gone for more than 4 hours. Screw that!

  7. “Mr. President, we found the WMD.”

    LOL…. you get the prize. That made my day.

  8. 1.21 GIGAWATTS!

  9. I had a 360 and its so retarded huge and bulky and its not backwards compatable if you don’t buy the hard drive. The system weighs 13 pounds. Bravo xbox fanpeeps. I hope you have fun mindlessly following this device where ever it goes as you’ll surely build muscle doing so.

  10. I <3 my 360.

    You two guys that “had one” are beyond belief. The thing is small and sleek.

    The Xbox was big, but mostly because it has the PSU inside it. The GameCube would be almost twice as big if it has it’s power supply inside.

  11. The powe supply for the cube was no were neas that size though. You could drop that on the game cube and probably break trough the lid.

    If someone breaks into your house they would have to “Team Lift” the 360 out of the house. It is sleek, but I would never consider the 360 small. The nes is smaller, and almost 2 decades old. Sheesh

    But hey, that coming from someone who works for a division of Microsoft…yeah I’d say the Xbox is small too.

  12. size wise the 360 really isn’t that much smaller then the original. It defenitley is smaller, but if you put them side by side you can tell it’s mainly the ability to stand upright and optical illusion.
    The old fat xbox is black and bulges on the top. The 360 is a nice white color and has concave sides for that slimming effect. With the power supply though what kind of wattage is it? I’d guess 350 or 400 for powering that kind of tech. I don’t know about anyone else but I have plent of room to put that thing in my tv set up. it’s not good to cram tons of electronics into a small space anyways, airflow is a good thing

  13. Who the fuck buys a Games Console because it has a small power supply?! If someone bought a Gamecube because it’s small then the chances are they need shooting.

  14. Well no-one would buy a games console solely on energy consumption, but that said a lot of good stuff does indeed have efficent consumption of energy, so like it’s more of a bonus feature rather than a ‘MUST BUY’ feature. That power supply cable for the 360 is large which gives me the impression that it’s probably an energy stealer! Hopefully it doesn’t consume enough to look noticeble on the electricity bill.

  15. haha. You turn on your 360 and all the lights in the house go dim. But maybe that could be for dramatic effect. Haha.

  16. The 360 isn’t small or sleek at all, IMO. It’s just an Xbox with a corset on for “ENHANCED SLIMMING ACTION!”

    And who cares if the GC is “only small because the power supply is outside of it”… it’s still small. For that matter, I guess we can say the 360 only isn’t morbidly obese because its massive power supply is outside of it… and even then it’s enormous.

  17. i wish my penis is as big and thick as that adapter… sigh…

  18. american muscle sucks.

  19. My penis is that big and it can hardly fit in anything so dont wish that dude!!!!

  20. Oh my God…Becky look at her PSU. It is so BIG!

    No seriously…

    Why doesn’t MS do a tie-in with that King Kong movie. They could come up with a face plate for the Power Supply that makes it look like the Empire State Building. That would be cool. They could sell little King Kong’s to place on top of it!

  21. Wow. Thanks for that comparison.

  22. Even Madonna’s new Xbox 360 crashed and burned…

  23. Nintendo fanboys are retarded. The Lamecube doesn’t need that much power because it doesn’t do anything. “Oh no! 360 is too big!” Dumbasses.

  24. Wow, i almost missed this little Anon party. ^_^

    Anon 10:01, insulting gets u nowhere. Makes u just as bad.

  25. Electric bill:

    Xbox 360…
    Enough money to feed a third-world country.

  26. I lost my xbox 360 Power Suply and i was wondering if one of yall could tell me werre to buy one.

  27. hey, WTF.. i was born and raised in the third world…. !

  28. Does anyone know how many watts the power supply is? And if it is more than, say, about 250 watts, why does it not have a fan in/on it?!?

    And FYI – for all you misinformed people, a high watt # of a power supply doesn’t mean it uses more power. In fact, it’s completely the opposite. Anyone who knows about PSU’s knows that the higher the power rating, the more efficient the PSU runs, equating to less power actually used and less heat. If I had a 360, I would definitely fix it up with a new PSU and liquid cooling.

  29. My mum saw the x-box for the first time and asked me “Where do we put the tape in this thing?”


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