GameCube flashback: What was, shall be, and will never be again

As the Wii launch approaches in September in October in November, please forgive me for putting up the occasional syrupy, Full House-themed post about the GameCube; that very purple, battle-hardened console whose fading away into the Mario-shaped sunset in the sky marks the end of Nintendo’s current console generation (which will live on in the Virtual Console/backwards compatible Wii).

Today’s reminiscent tip was delivered by Blake, and after I wept silently at my desk and dried my keyboard, I set about posting this video, which features the “Nintendo Difference.” It was a promotional video released before the GameCube launch, and contains a lot of footage from games like Raven Blade and Donkey Kong Racing that never made it to print. It also features Kameo, that “killer app” for the Xbox360 that no one talks about anymore.

Yeah, tell me about it. I think I may have to leave work early and bash out a few bars of Oye Como Va in Donkey Konga on the gorilla difficulty setting just to get by. In hindsight however, I’d sure like to see some of the promos for the Wii that are undoubtedly floating around developer studios right now.

[Thanks… Blake!]