GameCube Easter Eggs

The GameCube is the only console, to my knowledge, that features easter eggs. I recently came across these again having not used ’em since the first night I fired up my Cube some five years ago (more to come on that experience). While they’re like the Contra code of old for most Cubites, take a trip down memory lane or try ’em for the first time:

  1. Children Laughing – Hold the “Z” button of one controller while powering the system on.
  2. Konga Drums – Hold the “Z” button on four controllers while turning the power on.

Any other easter eggs out there that you know of?


  1. I’ve known this for a long time now.. . Finding easter eggs is always fun

  2. dude, wtf?! why didn’t you tell me? i thought we agreed: no secrets between us. i have no place in my heart for you now…

  3. 😐 .. . 😛

  4. You can also use:

    Hold the ‘Z’ button on all four regular controllers. Wire or Wireless, doesn’t matter.

  5. I remember reading somewhere once that the “flipper” chip inside the Cube has a very small dolphine on it.

  6. I remember reading from a web site long time ago about two easter eggs. One was the mentioned Z when bootinng, and the other one was some other multiple button combination when booting… But just can’t remember what the buttons were :-/ It was supposed to change the boot sound to something else too.

  7. I think it is indeed the only console with easter eggs when booting up. Unless you count pirated/hacked PS1 games that soemtimes changed or warped the PS screen on startup.

    I beleive those 2 are it, either 1 person pressing Z or all 4. It’d be nice if they included something else like a mini game though.

    Maybe on the revolution they’ll include a prettied up Mario face-deforming demo like with Mario 64 on the DS, except now you use the controller to tug at his face and maybe poke his eyes. Anyone else agree that that’d be sweet?

  8. OMG i had the gc for five years and i didn’t know about this 0_0 i only found out you can go to the gc menu thingy by holding A 3 months ago

  9. There is a hidden easter egg in the old Sega Master System from the 80’s. There was a hidden built-in maze game where you were this little snail going through the maze. Just hold Up + both action buttons to access it. It worked on the majority of SMS consoles, but not all of them. Search google for “Sega Master System Hidden Maze Game”.

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