GameBoy DS Bricker

Reports are circulating about a malware that will render your DS useless. Most of us don’t have to worry, but if you run a lot of homebrew on your DS, stay on the lookout.

[source: TehSkeen]


  1. There’s also a Trojan.PSPBrick as well. Masquerades as a homebrew hack for PSP ver 2.0 but bricks your PSP upon application.

  2. Its from Darkfader, that ass.

  3. I heard about the PSP Trojan, but I didn’t know of the DS Trojan….
    What does it do ? delete the firmware ? I think these kinds of malware are the worst, they just destroy and don’t even serve at least some criminal purpose….

  4. I don’t think the DS one is a Trojan.

  5. I also heard of a virus on PSP that screws it up but now there is a Nintendo DS virus. If Nintendo and Sony’s systems are capable of carrying viruses then they should at least make anti virus software or something.

  6. Lol, the worst part is, it’s true. I’
    m going to install McAffee on my DS, BRB, lmao…

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