Game drought? What game drought?

For all the manlove I pile on Reggie, he sure can be a slippery snake sometimes, no? Take these Metroid/Super Mario Galaxy delay rumors. What’s going on there? Are they going to show up in 2007 as he promised? One would think they’d have to, given how closely the success of a Nintendo platform is tied to first party titles.

But Google tells us otherwise. “Nintendo droughts” are real phenomena, and represent the vast swaths of nothingness between 1rst party launch titles on Nintendo systems. For Nintendo, a least, quality and quantity do not yet go hand in hand.

The delay rumors for Metroid and Mario Galaxy come from CVG, who, if you will remember, said they had a scoop of a Japanese Nintendo press conference this fall that turned out to be replayed footage of last year. That, in my book, places any “exclusive news” they report in the dubious column at best.

Reggie told N’Gai Croal of Newsweek in October to “read his lips” that Metroid was due out in “early 2007” and Galaxy sometime after that. Reassuring, I suppose, but you all remember what happened to the last guy who asked us to read his lips, right?

If one or both titles poopsky’s the bed for 2007, what do you think is capable of carrying the load?