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A few issues back (Volume 199), Nintendo Power featured a small article in it’s “Community” section, in which employees of NOA showed off some of their favorite Nintendo goodies. These ranged from an original copy of Stack-Up (the only game other than Gyromite that made use of R.O.B) complete with accessories, to a lego trophy, awarded to Dan Oswen by Shigeru Miyamoto. Now, most of us aren’t blessed to pick up a prize like that, but I’m sure most gamers have one or two game-related possessions that they hold dear.

For me, it’s my Triforce pin, sent to me from the folks at NOA, that came in an equally awesome jewelry box. I keep it on my dresser, right next to autographed baseball memorabilia, and other prized possessions.

So what about our faithful Infendo readers? Do you own anything game-related that you treasure?


  1. I have my trophy and award from the 1990 Nintendo World Championships in Dallas.

  2. …I have…nothing…

    …only memories…morally they are more, much more than anything physical that I could ever treasure but nothing can be more special than something that no-one else can have…


  3. Cheapass. j/k

  4. *plays his Super Nintendo*


    *plays it more*


    *plays it even more*

    The greatest Nintendo ‘treasure’ you can get, the games 😛

    *wonders why his PS2 stopped working but SNES works like a dream*

  5. probably my purple mushroom game over shirt…lol

  6. Mine would definatly have to be the sketch Shigeru Miyamoto drew up for me when I took my trip down to Japan for a school class trip, it was so awesome!!

  7. my zelda shirt I wear only the day of or after I deafeat a Zelda game. Other than that it’s my game collection and system colection. Yeah.

  8. I have my:

    Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Collectible Coin (only 200 Made, My Pikmin growing seeds, 4 inch tall Mario statue, thats all i can think of oy yeah and sketch of Luigi by Shiggy ( saw him at a Japanese restaurant) and official Nintendo Fan Club hat and tee

  9. i have got a game&watch system, the greenhouse game it needs batteries though….i found it in the thrift shop, also my pokemon saphire collectors coin and every zelda that has come out to date, (except the cd-i ones)

  10. I have eight-score of Pokemon related swag. Plushes, shirts, etc. I’m a shopping maniac.

  11. my big neon nintendo logo

  12. My copy of Zelda (NES) autographed by Miyamoto.

  13. mine is my nintendo power collection since vol 1

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