Game Collectibles

A few issues back (Volume 199), Nintendo Power featured a small article in it’s “Community” section, in which employees of NOA showed off some of their favorite Nintendo goodies. These ranged from an original copy of Stack-Up (the only game other than Gyromite that made use of R.O.B) complete with accessories, to a lego trophy, awarded to Dan Oswen by Shigeru Miyamoto. Now, most of us aren’t blessed to pick up a prize like that, but I’m sure most gamers have one or two game-related possessions that they hold dear.

For me, it’s my Triforce pin, sent to me from the folks at NOA, that came in an equally awesome jewelry box. I keep it on my dresser, right next to autographed baseball memorabilia, and other prized possessions.

So what about our faithful Infendo readers? Do you own anything game-related that you treasure?