Found It

Ladies and gents, the (dingy) power switch has been found. [Update: Let’s try again, this time in white.]

Also, DS Lite guts.

[Source: Joystiq, Kotaku]


  1. interested in sum more ds lite pics?:)


  2. Looks kinda fat…but then i looked at the size of the stylus top and realized it is even smaller than i imagined.

    So did someone dumpster dive for this ds or what.

  3. This is a dirty ds ;P

  4. Looks alot better when the colours are corrected.

    IF you look closely near the hinge, you can see a clear outer plastic shell. I think It’ll look pretty good.

  5. The two halves aren’t flush. I hope the build quality is a lot better than it looks from the pics because it looks a bit cheapie to me – like the normal DS.

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