First Impressions: Wii pride

When my youngest sister first beat me in bowling, I convinced myself it was a fluke; some problem with the software. I was the elder gamer, after all, and she was the high school student. I don’t think she’s played a gaming console, portable or otherwise, since Game Boy Color first came out.

Then she beat me again. This was after a week straight with the Wii all to myself. I was bowling 214’s and feeling good. I was a Tennis Pro. I could hit a ball out of the park, literally, in Wii Sports Baseball. I was very proud of myself, but with one strike after another, she felled me like the overconfident gaming vet that I was.

But that’s the beauty of the Wii. It’s not just a “next step” in gaming, it’s a next step in a completely different direction. The elite club is last week’s news. That’s a great thing, because it was getting harder and harder for new people to get in. Like my sister with Wii Tennis, the Wii has taken a lot of people by surprise. And yes, I said Tennis, because she later beat me in that fair and square too.

Who here has been humbled by a non-gamer? And, after that happened, who realized they just had a good time getting owned by a newbie?