First Impressions: "True Movement" vs. wrist flickers

Tycho over at Penny Arcade discusses again today the idea of “True Movement” in regards to how people play the Wii. According to them, true movement is when you physically act out the swing of a tennis racket in Wii Sports, or set up and go through to motions to net a strike in bowling. As for myself, I’m a bit of a hybrid. Zelda is played couch potato like on the sofa, arms resting at my sides, vacant stare building with intensity on my blank face as I jump from monkey to monkey in the first temple. Wii Sports I still play standing up. I catch myself rocking back and forth waiting for a screaming service, and swing perhaps a bit too hard when a lob drifts into my wheelhouse at the net. Friends point and laugh, then they play and start doing to exact same things.

At PA, they part with some simple, if not wildly effective, advice:

1. Hold On To The Controller,


2. Do Not Let It Go, respectively.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Anyone out there still breaking a sweat (not windows) with their literal sense of movement and control?