First DS lite video!!!

Behold, the first (known) video capture of the oh so sleek Nintendo DS lite as compared to the original. Looks sweet!

[Source: YouTube]


  1. its looks even uglier in video

  2. it is CG if you read the description… that means computer generated for those uneducated… watch the NDS Lite move on its own… if you study it… it jerks a little as the camera pans…

  3. yeah they used after effects to keep the ds steady frame by frame. Its just the image we saw a few post ago with a photoshop or after effects shadow, so its not really cg becaus it is not a 3d model rendered.

    But it is a video with a DS Lite superemposed pjust as oorley as the clone troopers head on Star Wars episod 3. Nice work whoever.

  4. To begin with, first comment said about the nds Lite being cg “for those uneducated” Shut up, you dont know what your talking about. Secondly, the next comment that after effects was used to make the DS lite with something such as Photoshop “Shadow”, then congradulate them saying “good work whoever” , please shut up and dont act like you know what you are talking about . If you could just upen your eyes and realize the truth, that the ds lite is not in anyones hands in order for it to be video taped, not even in NOA nor NOE, all we have is a protocol. YOu dont need to say specifix like the two comments above, if you could just realize the buttons dont have X,Y,B, and A, on it, the microfone is nowhere to be found, and the “on” indicater as well as the battery indicater just dont exist on that DS Lite. So instead of trying to sound like you know what your talking about, please other than being ignorant, have some common sense.. -DWS-

  5. noa:

    Instead of professionally being an idiot and a jerk at the same time how about you “shut up”. The comment: “for those uneducated” appeared to be genuinely made for people who were not aware of the meaning of CG. Furthermore, your entire post was hypocritical in its overall message that people who don’t know anything shouldn’t post. Even though you don’t know anything and you indeed should not post. Though, not for your lack of knowledge, but rather your lack of any manner of respect or intelligence. All said, don’t make such a fool of yourself. Its embarrassing.

  6. All we have is a “protocol”? What?

  7. Christ, calm down. Internet: Serious Fucking Business. NOA is trolling. If you take a troll seriously, they win. That’s what they want. Juvenile failures rejected by society who try and get back at the world by being an ass on the internet. It’s okay NOA, we understand.

  8. lol @ bohab45 comment

  9. NOA

    I was just saying how they they made the video because i get paid to do the same kind of stuff. Work in an industry of some sort and then come talk shit like you know something.

  10. Oh and I said good work because they sat in fron of a computer moving the image of the ds lite (the image that was released to the public dip shit) frame by frame, rotating and skewing it so it looked like it was moving with the camera. That takes a lot of time and a lot of skill that some people who dont know anything feel they can just blow it off and call you an idiot.

    Odds are there isnt even a real one made yet, let alone on some dude’s desk.

    Maybe Bohab45 is right and I am playing your game, but I won’t play dumb when I know how something is done having done it myself. Geez

  11. 3 comments in a row.

    I went to the dudes web site. The DSLITE is actaully a cg model so its not the image i thought it was. It has an alfa channel so all he rendered was the ds in a short video but only at one angle. So he used after effects or a similar program to super impose it into the video and the shadow was generated with what ever cg program he used (Maya, 3D Studio, ect)

    Is there. Thats what i know.

  12. I would wager that this video is totally fake. The camera jerks and zooms are a VERY COMMONLY used technique in making CG videos look real. The light also glimmers off the regular DS screen, but not off the lite [sure the screen is probably a different kind, so maybe it wouln’t glimmer the same – but the Lite screen stays dark the entire time where as the regular DS screen reflects the environment a little bit at least]. It be fake! And in the edit, where theDS units are closed, they are lined up just too perfectly – if there were hands in there grabbing one and closing one, then I would not dispute it, but this vide is far too fishy.

    Stop fighting folks!

  13. yea… we know its not real… it says it right in the video description when you watch it… it never tries to be convincing… just a way to feel something that isn’t there… since curious minds strongly wonder…

    “Comparison between a cg DS Lite and a real Phat one. :)”

  14. I just noticed how much the DS lite REALLY looks like a Game & Watch unit now – so much more than the DS does – especially the bottom half.

  15. JAJAJAJAJA done it yourself! lol

  16. omgz, Augmented REealiTy

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