Rumor: New Beyond Good & Evil for Revolution

Beyond Good & Evil, the cult classic for current-gen consoles, is rumored to have a sequel in development for the Revolution. From the article: “According to French site, recently knighted Ubisoft producer Michel Ancel is currently working on a sequel to Beyond Good & Evil, and it’s headed to Nintendo Revolution… Details are scarce, but supposedly the game will take place shortly after the events in the original, and will allow players to travel to different planets.”

Here’s hoping this one’s for real.


  1. Proof that Nintendo has great third parties working witht hem. I’m sure a Psychonauts would rock in this generation

  2. Oh man I still need to finish that game, I’m so close to the end but keep on getting distracted by other games. I hope this is true, BGE is one of the best adventure games since the fall of Lucasarts and Sierra.

  3. Sounds great and very probable. As far as I remember, BG&E was supposed to be the first instalment in a trillogy, but because of relatively poor sales the project was cancelled. Also, the ending of the game doesn’t really dismiss the possibility of a sequel 🙂

  4. I started playing that game on my PC a few years back. I should pick it up for the Cube now that I’m done with Chibi-Robo.

    Anyone have a copy they want to trade for Tales of Symphonia?

  5. This along with the death of the PS3(with almost every news outlet mentioning the Nintendo Revolution while talking about that)’s a good week for Nintendo

  6. I think Sony gave Nintendo a nice gift by announcing their November release date. Now the Big N just needs to get those Revolutions out in October, or better yet September, and we’re rockin’ there!

  7. I maintain that Summer will see the Revolution.

  8. i fucking LOVED this game!!!!

    2nd Beyond Good & Evil?



  9. First Jeuxpo said that BG&E would be launched on every Platforms.

    Second a representative of Ubisoft said :“Absolutely NO sequel to BGE is currently under development. This rumour is pure speculation” source Puissance-Nintendo

  10. Hot DAMN!

    That would be oh-so-awesome. I’d be first in line. BGE was a tremendous game, just aching for a sequel. Damn you, cliffhangers!

    =) WB

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