FFIV Micro Faceplate

As some of you know, Square Enix is prepping Final Fantasy IV on the GBA for the fall. With the Japanese version, they are also releasing a FFIV themed GB Micro faceplate. Most likely we won’t see it in US stores, but let’s hope it gets here somehow. Maybe as a My Nintendo bonus for registering the game on Nintendo.com like the Kirby stylus…

[by Rollin, Source: 4cr]


  1. This faceplate is really really nice !
    I’d really like to see more plates liek this one…

  2. I’ve finally got my Famicom Micro and OMG!!!

    What a revelation!!

    I can’t speak for the other micro skins but the Famicom Micro easily surpasses the PSP in the sheer looks and feel department. In fact, it poo-poos on the PSP from a great height in those respects. The unit shines with a sparkle and is made of metal – it even makes the PSP’s plastic body seem bland in comparison.

    The screen is tiny yes but what luminance! So bright! So colorful!

    In-fact, if the screen was just a little bit bigger (2.5″ say) it would’ve been perfect.

    But I’m sure Nintendo are thinking of the Super Gameboy with a bigger screen and the design aesthetics of the Micro.

  3. This is the #1 portable in my book! I’ll gladly wait the (minimum) 2 years till the next GB with this bad boy. Just gimme some faceplates, NOA. 3 packs for 10 bucks is all i ask.

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