Do You Have Any Rock CD’s?

I don’t know exactly when Nintendo posted their new Japanese commercial for the DS Lite but it sure is concise. It basically shows every single application the DS has to offer in a matter of seconds. Watching this commercial, I get the feeling that Nintendo isn’t trying to market the DS as an upgrade to an existing product, but is using the new design to re-market the DS concept in general. What do you think? More importantly, do you have any rock CDs, and when can I use VOIP to find out?


  1. Only the good stuff. And no, you can’t borrow it.

  2. Next week, I will be buying the DS lite here in Japan, and my fiancee wants one too because of Eigo Zuke the “Rock CD” game… She wants to perfect her English using Japanese software. Nintendo is beyond games, they are innovating the way people learn about different cultures.

  3. wow… they’re somewhere out in space when it comes to their comercial ideas…

  4. I agree – the adult learning device (holding it like a book) is a fantastic idea. Nintendo have the “right” to own this space – they’ve always been family friendly.

    If PSP come out with learning stuff then – to my mind – it somehow seems less credible as thbey are a yoof/hardcore company.

  5. Actually that commercial looks more similar to the US Nintendo commercials (when it comes to handhelds at least).

    It’s not very off the wall when you think about it, especially keeping certain GBA commercials in mind.

  6. I will come out and say that I was the “Anonymous” person that was quoted about getting my DS lite for myself and fiancee, although I have just now begun using a Blogger identity. Thanks to Infendo, we can have educated comments on the gaming industry.

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