Favorite Nintendo Character

Nintendo knows how to deliver a frontman in a video game. Call ’em cute, kiddy, or whatever, the peeps at Nintendo know what they’re doing. They’ve delivered tons of character franchise that millions have come to know and love, namely Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, Metroid, and Kirby. The list goes on and on.

So who’s your favorite?


  1. Mario will always be a favorite of mine, but I just love Pikachu.

  2. Burning the midnight oils huh…

    Luigi..Since the beginning of time(NES time) I have always been relegated to player two..and who is player two?

    Good old Luigi.

  3. Mario, hands down. From the beginning with DK.

  4. my wife loves Donkey kong, but for me its Link with a pretty close second Samus, and then of corse King Koopa because no matter how many time you defeat him you just can’t keep him down.

  5. Mario, of course. Running up, Link.

  6. Yoshi, of course… and my one-year-old daughter loves her plush Yoshi, too!

  7. I’ve always let my friends use the number one controller. Thus, Luigi has always been my man.

  8. Yoshi is one the coolest nintendo characters ever.Although ive always liked Kirby and yes i know kirby had probably one the worst run of games ever but you still got to love that pink marshmallow

  9. 1. Mario
    2. Link
    3. Samus

  10. Pichu!

  11. i would say ness, though i’m not very sure if he counts as a nintendo character.

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