Fan-made Revolution Mockup

A majority of Nintendo fans are starving for details on the new Revolution system. Some stand by the wayside and wait for news to trickle in. Others whine and go buy a competing system. But there are those who take matters into their own hands…

In this video, the Revolution controller is shown manipulating 3D objects and GameCube games. It’s only a simulation, but it manifests the possible control schemes some of our favorite traditional games (F-Zero, Soul Calibur 2) may use with the Revmote. Worth a look.

[Source: Joystiq]


  1. The best idea is defintely the use of the new controller as a futuristic “steering wheel” for racing games…
    I really hope game developers pay attention to this video!

  2. I’m still waiting for EA to release a Revolution Twin-Contoller version of FIFA Morris-Dancing 06.

    If you’re not from the UK and don’t know what I’m talking about. Go google. Only then will the “tapping of willow-sticks DS” make your 2006 wishlist.

  3. so the controller can be tured everyway? or does it need to be pointed towards the screen like a infrared tv controller.
    Is that Fzero thing possible?

  4. This is how I see it:
    To point to a specific spot the front of the remote must be facing forward; however, in any position the gyro sensors can be used, so the use as a steering for F-zero is possible.

  5. What Anon said. Turns anywhere.

  6. All I have to say is: Wootness!

  7. as far as i know
    the controller may sense 6 degrees of freedom, i mean positions in x y and z and angles from the plane xy, yz, and xz

    Iwata said with the controler the direction you are pinting and even the angle and distance from which you are pointing.

    so the posibilities are huge, i believe that fps can be played even without the nuncuk. and flipping tilting the controller to the sides (while pointing in the same direction) may be used for FPS as secondary mode (like perfect dark), trusting it foreward can be used like a nomal hit (like the kiks in duke nukem or the hit with the wepon in halo). And in strategy games the same movement may be used for chosing the non-default action. it’s gonna be amazing.

  8. The easiest way for anyone, but particularly non-gamer ludites, to understand it is this: It is an extension of your hand.

    It measures ALL of the various degrees of motion your hand and arm are capable of. And with regard to pointing, it would register that you were pointing AWAY from the unit, if you did so, but it would still detect that movement.

  9. I am intrigued, though I still am not sold on how easy a Mario game would be to play with the Revolution controller. I get the flicking-upwards thing to make him jump. That’s intuitive and it makes sense. But it would almost have to use the nunchuk addon.

    …Unless Miyamoto has some sort of incredible new design just waiting for us.


    *suddenly gets very impatient*

  10. Yeah, InvisibleMan, the steering wheel looked like a lot of fun!
    I’ll have to look for another video.

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