Etrian Odyssey III official trailer

That’s some intense music! This game is now on my official radar.

An artist from New York. Will has been writing, designing, and loving video games since he was young. He has traveled across the United States, and parts of Canada in order to learn more about the world of gaming. After visiting E3 for the first time in 2009, he has vowed to return there and show off a game of his own. In his spare time he tinkers with electronics, programming, and of course collecting video games.


  1. Do you have an unofficial radar?

  2. Will, don’t trust the music in this ad too much: If you check the same ad in the official Japanese EO III site, you will hear a completely different type of background music, more in check with the previous EO games…

    Furthermore, the music in this ad doesn’t sound anything like the score presented in the previous installments, and it is supposed to be orchestrated by the same composer!

    I’ve always thought that the music in the EO series was one of its strongest elements, by the way, along with the still artwork.

  3. As Etrian Odyssey is my favorite DS RPG franchise, I prayed there would be a part three. When I saw there was, I prayed it would come to the US. Seeing now that it is, I sit and stare at the walls and count the hours until it arrives *drool* ;o).