Endless Ocean – cas-core gaming to the max

endlessocean225.jpgI’m a cas-core (casual core) gamer. I pick up games and play them for less than an hour at a time. Some of my favorite games are best played with a friend. Puzzles? Awesome. Story lines? Who needs ’em. So when I read a press release about Nintendo’s upcoming 2008* title, Endless Ocean, my cas-core excitement meter went through the roof.

Have you ever wanted to explore the bottom of the ocean or learn more about aquatic life? Now you can from the comfort of your living room with Endless Ocean on Wii! The beauty of Endless Ocean is that players can do as much or as little as they like.

The bright red needle on my cas-core meter just hit the top. I’m able to play this game or not. The game doesn’t care if I just want to swim around in one little area. The timer isn’t going to start counting down. The arrows won’t start flashing, telling me to continue to the right.

For players really looking to kick back and relax Endless Ocean features several soothing modes. On the deck of the boat is a deckchair that allows the player to sit and watch the sea.

So, it’s a game that I don’t even have to play to enjoy? The little red needle just started to bend and twitch a little.

If players prefer to dive with a buddy, the Wii’s unique WiFi Connection Service allows players link up with their friends. By exchanging friend codes, two players may dive and explore the ocean together.

Now you’re telling me I can do all of this, but with a friend via Nintendo Wi-Fi? The little red needle is taking massive damage.

With the ability to listen to your own MP3’s via the Wii SD Card slot while you dive, Endless Ocean provides hours of entertainment.

Oh man … I’m gonna need a new cas-core meter. A game that I can play as little or as much as I care to, or not at all, with or without a buddy, and with my choice of music. Sold!

Is anyone else here a cas-core gamer? Does Endless Ocean appeal to you?

*Out on November 9th in the EU/UK, already out in Japan since August