EGM Iwata Interview

The good folks at Nintendophiles have posted the recent EGM Iwata Interview on their site. While it doesn’t reveal anything new, it does clarify some graphics, DVD, ethernet port, and controller questions. Iwata reassures that as Nintendo moves forward with controller functionality, it will be backwards compatible for traditional game mechanics.


  1. Wow ! That interview made me even more enthusiastic 😀
    I hope they’ll implement online play for older games too. Secret of Mana with two friends on a DSpeak style VoIP solution would ROCK !
    Or as they said Mary Party or Mario Kart or Mario Tennis (for the 64) or Mario Strikers or Street Fighter 2 or…..I want it !
    And more Luigi and Pikmin and and and 😀
    /me is excited

  2. I hope the online for past games is true, that would rock my sox like none other, and what if they could make gamecube games online aswell. I hope so, but Iwata said only if the technology permits it, so I won’t get my hopes up.

  3. That’s a pretty solid interview and clears up some confusion.

    Iwata says that Rev will output graphics at 480p as standard. Which surely means that Rev will support a digital component ouput?!?

    That’ll do me.

  4. what is an ethernet port and what does it do? whatever it is is it a smart move for nintendo?

  5. an ethernet port is the port a network cable plugs into to connect you to broadband internet. Also known as simply a network port. This simply means you will need a wireless router or a ethernet to USB adapter to connect the Revolution online.

    Is it a good move? It’s not a bad move, but it really wouldn’t have cost much to add it. But like the interview says, most people don’t feel like running network cables down into their living room, but some people already have them down there, so it would’ve been a nice option.

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