Metroid: The Movie

Though the below page hasn’t been updated in close to two years, it’s news to us. Apparently Metroid: The movie will be directed by John Woo and is currently in “announced” status which could mean anything. From the plot outline: “Based on the hit video game, the story follows the origin of the bounty hunter, Samus Aran, and her adventures battling the treacherous Space Pirates, who attempt to convert the mindless, life-sucking Metroids into a deadly weapon. “

Never been a big fan of gaming movies, so, um… yeah.

[Thanks, da fonk; Source: IMDB]


  1. they’re supposed to be working on a zelda movie for sure… and possibly a new mario movie as well…

  2. Mexican magazine Club Nintendo, the Spanish-language equivalent of Nintendo Power, quoted Nintendo executive vice president of sales and marketing Reggie Fils-Aime as saying that the company is indeed planning a Zelda film. Because Club Nintendo is published by Nintendo, there’s zero chance of them misquoting Fils-Amie, let alone making up quotes attributed to him.

    That said, Fils-Aime also said Nintendo is currently focusing all its efforts on the Metroid movie. Zelda is being considered as a following project, with the possibility of another Mario movie following that.

  3. I hope the Mario film is a sequel to the fabulous film from the last decade…

    OK, OK, I was just kiddin’!

    PLEASE OH PLEASE don’t make another Mario film!!!

  4. I seem to be one of the few who actually liked the Mario Brothers movie of old. <.< But um. Yeah. I’m looking forward to this, actually. I dunno, though. Maybe I just have lower movie expectations than everyone else.

  5. I’m more excited about Silent Hill honestly. The teaser tralier kicks ass anyway.

  6. Hum… it says it’s going to explore her origin, which probably means something along the lines of homeplanet>happy day>oh no!>alien invasion>loved ones killed>becomes bounty hunter :-S

    Ah well as long as the right actress is cast I’ve got faith. Hell I would go as far to say the actress doesn’t even need to be pretty looking, though no-one would agree with me on that.

    Actually my main gripe about all this is that people I’ve talked to have all gone on about how it should do so and so to appeal. I hate the idea of making a film to appeal to the mass audience without actually appealing on the merits of being good.

  7. If Nintendo makes a kickass Metroid movie and a kickass Zelda movie, they’ll have no problem attracting gamers (new and old) to their systems. See what the Spider-Man and X-Men movies did for Marvel Comics. This is just what they need. They just have to be good.

  8. i really hope this doesnt turn out to be a really cheesey movie that has very little to do with game’s story line.

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