EB Games has Wii page live

Ever since I waited 30 minutes in a two-person line at an EB Games while the “manager” talked with her friend on the phone about her complete lack of a social life (surprise), I have never set foot in one of these stores. However, I still check the online store for updates on release dates and to laugh at the $1200 packages they put together for launching systems.

Today, EB Games officially has the Wii page up and running, complete with exorbitant pricing ($60 for Wii Sports?!). They also have links to preorder information so you can preorder and then show up on launch day so they can tell you they don’t have anymore systems. Games have shipping dates ranging between 11/1/06 and 12/1/06, and are likely just placeholders.

Oh, and I was waiting in line for Final Fantasy 4 Advance, which I later bought at Target

UPDATE: The link has apparently been blocked by a gremlin of some kind, so our link now goes to an image posted by Go Nintendo. -Jack