EA Salt Lake ramping up Wii development

According to Utah Business, EA is seriously ramping up Wii development at a local level. For those who don’t know, both Scott and I live in the beautiful (today snowy) state of Utah where there are a significant amount of game developers relative to the state’s small population of 2 million not to mention the founder of Atari going to school here. From the article: “EA Salt Lake has two Wii games in development, which Cook anticipates releasing this year. ‘The Wii came on as a surprisingly strong platform,’ he says. ‘A lot of publishers found themselves out of position on being able to develop Wii titles. Part of our acquisition is to quickly put out a number of Wii titles for Electronic Arts… It’s exciting as a designer to be working with something that breaks the mold as much as this does.'”

Hit the source for the full article in what reads like a glowing review for Wii in a traditionally boring business magazine.

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