EA likes Miis, promises won’t port everything to Wii

225_l-nes-adventureseries.jpgMore EA news this morning, and it seems today they’re no longer threatening to port their entire catalogue to the Wii.

Electronic Arts worldwide studios COO John Schappert:

You’re not going to see every franchise taken to the Wii. Rather than bring the entire portfolio of titles, some of which won’t translate well, we’re taking those dollars and making original software.

Of the Miis he said, “We like the Miis. It’s a discussion that has to happen with Nintendo.” (I imagine, as per the usual protocols, Nintendo is still keeping its Miis close to the vest, and is being very reluctant about who gets access to them.)

First of all, thank the maker EA isn’t going to port all their schlock over to the Wii. Six months ago I’m sure that’s what the entry under their “business plan for Wii development” said, but after they got their hats handed to them by Ubisoft I’m sure it changed to what we’re seeing today. Regardless, this news coupled with today’s other EA “casual games division” news, seems to reflect a slow change at the software behemoth. My personal hope? That those “extra dollars” go into developing some cool adventure games, among other things.