E3 Ahoy! Man the deodorant!!

The spectacle and fury of E3 is poised to pop like some giant electronic zit in a mere 48 hours. The rumors are flying. Will Nintendo be announcing a new Game Boy? How much information will be available about the GameCube successor? What is Mario really wearing under those overalls?

This year’s show promises to be the best in recent years thanks to a glut of new products for consoles, handhelds and the PC. The show has been ‘sold out’ (whatever that means) for a couple of months now so the crowds are going to be larger than ever. This means the audio from all the booths will be cranked to 11 and all the attendees will have to yell louder to each other to be heard raising the noise level even further. I will be on the show floor among the throng of sweaty gamers, plastic PR reps and jaded gaming media elbowing my way through the crowds to try to get some answers. It’s at time like those that I long for a good cattle prod.

Hopefully Nintendo will have definite info on their next console to combat the Xbox 360 and PlayStaion 3 marketing orgy that is already underway and only promises to get worse from here. Or at the very least, let their fans and the gaming publics in general, get a glimpse at their roadmap for the next few years.

Give me 48 hours and we’ll see how forthcoming Nintendo is and if they have any surprises in store for us.