E.X. Troopers, a Lost Planet spin-off finds its way to 3DS


When I first heard that Capcom was making a PS3/3DS spin-off title of their Lost Planet series, I thought it was an interesting proposition. Why would E.X. Troopers be released for 3DS, but not PS Vita? Why a PS3 release, but not one for Xbox 360? At this point who knows? All we can do is sit back at watch the first gameplay trailer, and hope and pray for a North American release.

E.X. Troopers will be going in a remarkably anime direction judging by the trailer, with a cel-shaded look that would seem to perfectly complement the Nintendo 3DS. I worry that a game that takes on such a Japanese approach will fail to strike a chord with many Western gamers, and as such I question whether Capcom will bring this title stateside.

If the game is to receive a Western release, we can be sure to hear about it at next month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. After all the dust has settled, hopefully we will have a better idea of exactly what to expect with this crazy spin-off concoction from Capcom.

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