Duck Hunt

If you can’t wait until Killer 7, Mario Baseball, Geist, or Zelda is released, now worries. Play some classic online Duck Hunt courtesy of

Be sure to post dem high scores…

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  1. I once played Duck Hunt for so long last year that the counter went up to a million. But the counter only has six digits so it went back to 000000.

    I had been shooting at ducks for bloody ages. I think I went through about 20-25 levels where I absolutely had to hit every duck.

    Then my housemate thought it would be funny do hang a coat over my head.

    He sorely regretted that.

    I’ve still got my old NES and Zapper. Good times, but I only ever played Duck Hunt with the thing.

    I’m sure there are people out there to have made the counter flip over more than once, but I would have kept going longer! My arms were shaking so badly when I stopped, they actually ached!

    That’s my Duck Hunt story :o)


  2. Playing Duckhunt without a zapper is like… Playing Duckhunt without a zapper. It’s that bad.

  3. it’s not fun but i can’t stop playing it 0_0, or it don’t think it’s fun, but i am actually having fun gah! so confused. in short its a great game

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