Dual Screen Vamos

Just when i thought i was gonna have to put my DS into storage till next year, Rafa comes out of nowhere fist-pumping his way to the touch screen come December.

Madrid-based Virtual Toys, by way of Codemasters, has developed Rafa Nadal Tennis, the first DS tennis game to support full touch controls, something i’ve been waiting on since November 21, 2004. The game’s features include ATP #2 Rafa Nadal, full stylus tennis training, optional pad-n-button controls, single and multi-card wireless (no wifi), and competent 3D graphics that don’t suck, which is an accomplishment in itself for a DS sports game.

From the release:”Using the stylus, players move their tennis star on court and then, by sweeping the stylus across the touch screen, describe serves, lobs, drop shots, powershots and more.” Sounds better than Wii Sports Tennis!