DS to control your Pokemon on Wii

When it comes to controlling your imaginary farm of Pokemons on the Wii do motion sensing controls not cut it? No worries, just toss that Wiimote over to me and break out your DS!

While finding an Irishman in Ireland might have been a bit more surprising than this latest news, controlling Poekmon Battle Revolution with the DS is still something intesting to note, as it details how this feature could be used successfully in the future.

From Siliconera: Pokemon Battle Revolution allows players to use their Nintendo DS as a controller instead of the Wii remote. When using the DS you can select attacks using the touch screen and watch the battle play out on your TV. Pokemon Battle Revolution is also the first online game for the Wii and it comes out right around the Wii’s launch window in Japan and has a 2007 release date in North America.

Is touching still good when you’re talking about the Wii?