DS Still Atop Hardware Sales

Nintendo is still holding strong in Japan this week, as the Nintendo DS continues to top the hardware charts, followed distantly by the PSP. The GB Micro comes in third, behind the PSP by around a thousand units. On the software side, five games for Nintendo handhelds are on the top 10 list, two of which crown the first and second placements. While there are no numbers here in North America, it would be nice to know if the DS is holding out just as strong as it is with our neighbors across the Pacific.

[by Nicholas B, Source: Cubed]


  1. It’s so nice to know that Nintendo’s line of “People want to play something different” is back up by strong handheld sales and more importantly, the strong software sales.

    Hopefully this “different” sales shift to the Revolution.

  2. I’d hate to state the obvious here but the reason why Nintendo’s h/helds do so well is because Nintendo actually bothers to MARKET them.

    Unlike the GC – which here in the UK/Europe has generally seen abysmal marketing/awareness.

    Let’s hope for better things for the Rev.

  3. Well I think everyone knew this for a while because in March 2005 Nintendo Pesident Satoru Iwata said that the DS sales were at 5.2 million and the PSP sale were at 2.8 million. I’m glad to see that the DS is still #1.

  4. I’d imagine the NA numbers are probably pretty close, with PSP still enjoying a modest bounce due to the hype and “new to market” factor. Expect the numbers to get a boost with GTA:LCS as well, as this is being beaten over the heard by the (corpoate owned) game mags as the system’s ‘killer app.’

    However, facts speak for themselves, and strong launch does not a successful system make. I couldn’t tell you the last time my PSP owning friends picked up their “media device” to play games (actually, one friend went out and got a portable DVD player…guess those overpriced UMDs wore out their welcome).

    Meanwhile, I haven’t put my DS down… ‘m too busy immersed in Castlevania. While this title is not representative of a game that uses all the capabilities of the system, it is indicative of a company, Konami, putting a tremendous amount of time and effort into making a game that’s fun to play. A game… fun to play? IN this day in age? Who would have thunk it.

  5. I think the DS is not doing as well in the US or the EU…people are more close minded over here.
    I am really really interested in knowing how well Nintendogs did in the EU……

  6. I guess it underpreformed cause when Ndogs launched in the US they had a press release immediately, like 2 days afterwards.

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