DS ROM emulator spotted in the wild

Let me begin this post by saying “piracy is wrong.” That said, when I was in college my Mac G3 contained well over 500 NES and SNES ROMs and no less than 3 NES and SNES emulators. How they got there I haven’t a clue. Now it would appear I will *not* be adding another emulator to the pile as the No$GBA guys have cracked DS commercial ROMS so that they can run in emulated form. But that comes with a caveat — it will be with games I already own. Taking games you already own and ripping them to this software is healthy and fun, so enjoy. Just don’t move to China and start selling them for profit, because the Infendo budget does not include bail money.

Update: The comments for this post have already gotten me thinking: No DS ROMs for me; the system’s good enough as it is without ROMs mucking it all up. Point made, point taken. Thanks.

[Thanks, Jamie, via Kotaku]