DS Redesign: If not now, when?

So the DS redesign was a rumor. Next-gen writes: “Rumors have been circulating the Internet regarding a sleeker, redesigned DS in the same vein as the GameBoy Advance to GameBoy Advance SP revision. While expected eventually, Nintendo said that a new DS model won’t be coming as soon as rumors indicated.”

If not now, when? Let us all summon the collective goodness that is the Infendo community and predict an usubstantiated guess.


  1. November ’07. I don’t think they’d want the DS stealing the Revolution’s thunder, you know?

  2. I agree: it is too soon for a redesign.
    I think previous redesigns of the GameBoy have come every two or three years, correct? So, I wouldn’t expect a redesign this year… maybe 2007.

  3. November 2007 !!!!

  4. How long was it between GBA and GB SP? I think it was at least a couple of years, maybe two or more, so yeah 2007 could be the likely window frame with maybe a 2006 preview. By then I would expect better technology to have come along, like cramming in extra battery life at no extra cost and maybe a special LCD screen such as one that has a low useage of energy which are currently being used on some digital cameras and stuff.

  5. Yeah, I would say mid to late 2007.

    The features I would like to be added or improve would be a better screen that is not so reflective where you can play outside, a brightness control, and a better, bigger, wider stylus.

  6. I would think Nintendo would be releasing info about the next-gen Gameboy in 2007, not a DS redesign.

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