DS Price Cut

[Update: This one’s official]

CheapAssGamer via 4cr is reporting that the DS will get a price cut down to $129. Supposedly taking place on 8/21, you can also get an additional $10 off at Toys R Us. If true, there should be no reason not to get your DS on.


  1. Oh wow….I’d buy a second one if I’d live in the US…. $119 for a DS ?!?
    That’s a really nice price 😀
    Less than 100€ w00t….

  2. That’s… $160 Australian, I want another one…
    Hehe, price cut is right before PSP relase here too, take that Sony!

    -Darkenedjib (n-gamers.blogspot.com)

  3. That would be frickin’ sweet. I never really saw a need to get a DS in the first place — seemed to be a bit of a gimmick with a lot of old console ports. However, if this price cut is true, there is no reason not to get one.

  4. Curses! I KNEW that as soon as I bought a DS there would be a price drop!

    Well, on the bright side, I did get Super Mario 64 free…

  5. w00t ! Europe gets a price cut too !
    99€….I’m really considering getting another one….though we only have the platinum one….
    Great thinking Nintendo, right before the launch of the PSP, you can get 2 DSs and a game or a PSP Value Pack..
    What would you get ?!?
    2 DSs and Meteos of course !

  6. I was waiting for either a price drop or a free game give away to buy my DS, but I got impatient and spent 180$ on a DS and Mario 64 and the free metroid demo. A month after getting my DS, they start giving mario away free with the DS. If I had waited a month to buy my DS, I could have spent the 30$ I saved on Kirby.

    And now this price cut, if its true, is just kicking someone after they’ve been kicked in the nuts already.

  7. NO!!!!! i bought it for the full price….

  8. Re: Mexican Rocker

    Same here 🙁 Least I got mario 64 with it though.

    I should have bought it from Walmart – 90 days price protection… doh

  9. Well, I bought mine on launch day and I still only own one game (Mario 64), so imagine how pissed I am. I’m finally buying a second game next week when Advance Wars ships, so I could have just saved myself some cash by waiting. Had I known that practically nothing else worth owning would have shipped in almost a year’s time, it wouldn’t have been hard to wait.

  10. I don’t know what everyone is bitching about. Consoles and portables, like most other consumer electronics, drop in price. If you bought it at launch, don’t you think the nine months of gaming you got out of it is worth the extra $20? That works out to, what, just over two bucks a month?

    Get a grip, people.

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