DS Press Conference Details

Nintendo held a DS press conference today where they have announced some pretty juicy news. Let me just give you the list:

– Easy to Find Kanji Dictionary
– Calligraphy Training announced
– Cooking Software announced
– Children of Mana video shown
– Xenosaga video shown
– Winning Eleven DS – Wifi Connection Enabled
– Tetris will be released for 3800yen ($43 AUD) as a budget title.
– New Mario Bros will be hitting Japan in May for 4800yen
– Opera DS Web Browser Confirmed (Not Included in Firmware, Purchase Seperately)
– Digital TV add-on. (TV Tuner, uses Seg-1 Technology)

Obviously the biggest items on there are the last two. Since Nintendo announced the web browser in a conference, it’s safe to assume that they didn’t wait for a third party to do it and took the initiative, like they promised. Press release here. The TV tuner looks compact enough to fit in the DS Lite’s style, but certainly not pocket-friendly– still cool. And New Mario Bros finally gets a date, even if it’s Japanese.

Thanks alot, Grant!