DS, Micro, Keep it Going

During the week of September 12-18 in Japan, the DS returned to a spot on the sales charts they haven’t seen for months: #2. However, they shouldn’t complain as it was knocked down a spot by their latest handheld, the Game Boy Micro, which sold through a staggering 170,000 units. It should be noted that DS didn’t suffer a drop in sales during this week. It actually went up thanks to Phoenix Wright and Tamagotchi which helped it oust the PSP for yet another week.

This shows that Nintendo’s 3 pillar strategy has some serious legs, as the newest rendition of the GBA did not take a chunk out of DS sales. Very exciting. Now there are two Nintendo handhelds atop the charts outselling the PSP.

[by Rollin, Source: DSRevolution]


  1. And to think, I was once afraid that the PSP was going to Dreamcast all over the DS. Now it’s getting whupped by a midget SNES!

  2. Finally, quality is beating hype. What do the Japanese know that us Yanks do not?

    Actually, I think we’re starting to wise up…Nintendogs selling more in one week than Need for Speed PSP did in 6 months? Now that’s impressive.

  3. why do we always see these weekly/monthly sales stats for japan but not for the US or Europe?

  4. i agree. data regarding European sales would be welcome…

  5. We don’t get as many sales charts because the only ppl that release them, the NPD group, do it on a monthly basis.


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