Classic (Niche) Competitors

There have been many throughout the years vying to dominate the video game market. Portable, home consoles, gimmicks, you name it. Which of all Nintendo’s past niche competitor platforms were you most fond of? By niche we’re implying anything non Sega, Sony, and/or Microsoft.

Turbo Duo, 3DO,, Atari Jaguar etc.?


  1. 3DO had some decent games, although it cost like $800. Wait, that’s about how much the 360 will cost…

  2. Maybe the 360 is 3do come full circle… er something like that.

  3. I loved the Turbo Grafx 16, and the Japanese only WonderSwan. It’s a shame neither of them really hit mainstream success.

  4. I have 3/4 of those

  5. Full circle. That’s hilarious.

  6. GP32 kicks arse. Google it.

  7. It’s arguable that MS and Sony ARE niche.

  8. Dreamcast was an excellent system (with a crappy controller)… I think my friends and I found one for like 50 bucks while in college (which one later sold on eBay without giving the rest of us any profits, but I digress).

    However, Sega didn’t learn its lesson right off the bat when it came to hardware (that lesson being ‘stick to software, stupid’), and Nintendo cleaned house until Sony came along and used the technology they developed with Nintendo to make PS1.

    And, let’s get our facts straight people… it is the PS3 that will cost 800 bucks; the 360 is only going to set you back 600 (with the necessary addition of two games and an extra wireless controller… oh wait, don’t forget that HDTV).

  9. If you don’t bar the PS1, i would be torn between that and the Genesis. I had great times with both those. Most of the good times i had with PS1 games were on PS2 though. Back compat rules.

  10. I loved my Turbo-Grafix 16. Bonk and Zonk especially.

  11. I thought the Atari Jaguar was the coolest thing ever when I fired up Tempest 2000 for the first time.

    Unfortunately, most games were on the mediocre side, but there were a few that were fun like the lo-res Doom port, Wolfenstein, and Iron Soldier.

  12. I still can’t believe that no one has said the SEGA MasterSystem… It came with a pack in game… Alex Kidd in Miracle World… But since we can’t say SEGA, what about the NEO GEO or NEO GEO CD…

  13. Good god seeing that Turbo Duo makes me wanna hook mine up SO BAD, then I remember the A/V cables are fucked… Last Alert and Dracula X will have to wait!

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