DS Lite will widen Nintendo’s demographic

Regarding criticism of the newly announced DS lite, Games Industry writes: “As long as these products continue to be commercially successful, Nintendo feels no need to answer its critics – and quite rightly so. In recent years, the firm has developed a knack for creating hardware that consumers want despite already owning a system that plays the same games – one has to wonder if the hardware team in Kyoto has been taking their lessons from the creators of the iPod in Cupertino. “

[Source: GamesIndustry.biz]


  1. When I first saw the original DS, I thought it wasn’t a good idea. “How many Gameboys does Nintendo need?” Having a PocketPC for a couple years, the stylus input seemed a bit late to the game for my tastes.

    After I started to see what games were being released for DS and how they were utilizing the stylus, I “got it” and I wanted one. I still haven’t bought one, and with Revolution on the horizon, I probably won’t. One thing which might change that is if the DS lite causes the original DS to come down in price.

    The point I’m trying to make is that I think Nintendo understands the appeal of updating their systems to encourage people to buy their older hardware on the cheap, while still cashing in on the “gotta-have-it” and early adopter crowds.

  2. good comment!

  3. I disagree: I don’t think Nintendo “saves” upgrades to their systems to bring out later so they can sell more machines. I think they simply go with what is the most economical design given current technology, and keep an eye out for price drops on more state-of-the-art technology that they can implement on current models.
    I assume their release dates for re-models is linked to keeping a fixed price on the overall gadget (e.g., $100 on a new GameBoy, $150 on a new portable, $200 on a new console, etc.)

  4. mmmm, does Sony updates their systems? Lat I hear there were about 5 Ps1 & 7 different ps2, just to cut costs. nintendo is reducing size and I’m guessing cutting manufacturing costs. I’m happy they are a company that cares for their money making products. Microsoft is kind of like: Sorry but only 3% consoles buen so its not a problem. The huge power thing? It’s beind the TV!! who cares? remember we also have that thing called Halo… lets talk about that instead…

  5. [Steve Jobs]
    Iwata, i´m your father…

  6. I wasn’t saying that Nintendo holds off on features, just that reinventing their current systems is driven by a number of factors. Moreover, I just wanted to show that the reasons for releasing the DS lite went further than just appealing to iPod design style fans.

  7. I will never buy a new console/portable mereley because its aesthetics have been redesigned. I need some new functionality to motivate me. Basically, I need something to really be better, and not just newer or sexier. For example, I bought a new GBA SP for the better screen, but I refuse to buy a Micro because the screen is smaller, and I can’t play my old game boy games on it (I still play Tetris and a few other GB/GBC games regularly). I don’t plan to buy a DS Lite, because I do not see how it is better than my DS.

  8. Well, the DS Lite will have a those backligthted screens. This is better functinality enoght for me, hehe.

  9. I’m getting two of them when they ship. My wife and I both have a DS, but find them to heavy and the button placement to low. Now this Lite version will fill all of our desires for this portable : it’s 1/3 lighter than the original and the buttons have been pushed up for a more confortable grip. And it looks a lot more “sexy” than the old one.

    Let’s just hope that it’s going to be released in pink also!

  10. The DS already widened my demographic.


  11. I could definitely imagine the DS widening it’s appeal here in the UK, especially among the fashion concious (ie: iPod users) and the bloody chavs (where as it’s the PSP that’s mainly the talk at least round my area).

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